The Scholar

Domains: Artifice, Knowlege, Law, Magic

Patient, wise, and experienced, Fex embodies skill, preparation, and the nonphysical requirements for victory. As the patron of wizardry, he wears long purple robes with a black tabard, holding a scroll and a staff. Fex believes in caution, evaluating all aspects of a situation, and emphasizes the need to act efficiently and effectively.

Fex’s church is large and well respected in most civilized lands, especially near Dalton where wizardry has led to large improvements in the quality of life. Fex’s temples are usually elegant spires which also double as archives and libraries. His clerics are sages, archivists, artificers, scribes, teachers, tacticians, and members of any other profession which requires patience and education.

Dogma: Knowledge is the key to any victory. Skill is an aspect of knowledge, and often skill is required to act upon acquired knowledge. Magic is the ultimate combination of knowledge and skill, and a master mage can use magic to anticiate future needs. Planning is the gift of knowledge combined with an understanding of the minimal amount of power needed to accomplish a task. Far too often, a foolish general has lost a war by using too much force too early and having none left to finish another task. Conserve your power, but be generous with your knowledge, uplifting the uneducated and banishing ignorance.


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