The Forest Mother

Domains: Air, Earth, Good, Healing, Plant

Ennara, daughter of Mornir, is a vigorous deity of the natural world. She believes that every living thing deserves to be nurtured to health and supports killing only when a creature must do so to survive. Ennara also is a fertility deity. She appears as an tanned elf with dark hair and blue eyes. She carries a gnarled staff with a black snake twined about it and a white raven perched upon it.

Ennara’s following is as widespread as the elves are, with formal worship centered around Peyo and the many forest villages of Eridu. She grants spells to clerics, druids, and rangers. Temples to Ennara are natural sites or spacious buldings and always have some vantange point with an unobstructed view of the sky and the natural surroundings. Her followers tend to animals and other natural creatures, including fey, dragons, true giants and creatures similar to animals, such as griffons, pegasi, and giant eagles.

Dogma: The breath in your lungs and the life-spark of every natural creature is a great gift. Respect those gifts and keep them well. Avoid the destruction of life, except to feed and protect another. Take no more than you need, and in hunting take only the weak so that the strong may live and beget stronger offspring.


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