Haven's Edge

The Failed Theft

Session 3

Having left Jevin ’s cottage, the party stayed at the Redwall Inn in Windenford. Entering the tavern, they spoke about their adventures in the mines and the attack of the goblins. When they awoke the next morning (Day 4), there was a message left for them from the Regent of Windenford inviting them to a banquet in their honor, as thanks for rescuing the miners from the collapse.

The party accepted the invitation. Before the banquet, the party split off and ran various errands in Windenford. Mik returned to Jevin’s cottage to check up on Senna, where he was able to assist the half-elf in (at least temporarily) abating Senna’s condition. When questioned, Senna was hesitant to give answers, but reinforced her message that the device is dangerous and must not fall into the wrong hands. She told Mik to ensure that the device stays away from any sorcerers or those affliated with The Eternal Way, in particular. She told the story of Belak, and how he led a party of adventurers to “slay” the goblins, only to betray them and ally with the goblins instead. Senna wants Belak dead.

Trent sold the gems and equipment the party had gathered, and then met Aethyr in the Crown Library.

Aethyr researched the local nobility, the Dowager Countess Greenwood in particular. He learned that she was born about 130 years ago, and has two children. Her, her deceased husband, and both children are human, and the half-elf Jevin (despite identifying himself as the Countess’ son) was not mentioned in the heraldry book. Another book told him that the land of the Earl Greenwood was historically much, much larger, and was reduced 80 years ago to barely more than a steadholding, a small privately owned farm. By land rights, the Countess should not hold her title, but she was allowed to keep it (it is fairly likely that her heir would hold only the title of steadholder). Her heir has chosen not to bother with a steading so small, preferring to make his fortune in Dalton and leave the steading to his mother.

The party attended the banquet, where they were given a reward of a medal from the church, and 100g from the owner of the mines. They met the Dowager Countess Greenwood among many others, who appeared to be near 65 years in age.

As the party travelled from the banquet to Jevin’s cottage, they were attacked by three rogues who appeared human. After defeating their attackers, the one surviving wererat was questioned by Mik, who charmed him into talking with magic.

Nimmit, the leader of the unnamed thieves’ guild, sent Benden Nalison and his cronies to retrieve the device from the party, and the request of a third party (presumably Belak). It appears that Nimmit has been forcibly converting people into wererats, and then using those wererats to serve him.

Before the paladin slew the evil wererat, Bendin asked Trent and Mik to tell his family that he loved them. He identified his family as Marta Nalison and Elaura Nalison (the apprentice earthmover encountered earlier). He indicated that he has been gone for many years. With no way to cure the wererat of lycanthropy, the paladin slew Bendin.



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