Haven's Edge

The Death of Belak

Session 7

Yusdrayl lead the party to the lower levels of the Citadel, as promised. Yusdrayl tried to convince the party to offer themselves as prisoners to get closer to Belak, but the party decided to fight their way to Belak instead.

They entered a room filled with low-ranking goblins. They convinced the goblins to stay back while they entered into the next room and found an armored goblin named Renkil sitting on a throne, surrounded by strange zombies. As combat started, the goblins fled for their lives while Renkil starting channeling negative energy, killing several of his fleeing followers during the battle. The party defeated Renkil and his zombies with ease. The party asked Renkil about Belak’s location before killing him. On Renkil’s corpse they found an item that resembled a whistle carved out of petrified wood, with the dwarven words Azan-gund (The Nightcaller) carved into it.

Yusdrayl lead the party through the corridors of the lower citadel until they reached a huge cavern filled thorns and briars. The party hacked their way through the dense overgrowth until they spotted the Gulthias Tree looming in the distance.

They then distracted Yusdrayl and backstabbed her before approaching the tree.

They found Belak in the casting of some sort of ritual. He was surrounded by glowing runes on the ground. Similar runes were painted on the bark of the tree. Belak did not respond to the party, but 8 twig blights, 3 supplicants of the Gulthias Tree, and Belak’s familiar (a quasit) moved to protect the evil spellcaster. Two of the three supplicants were former members of Senna’s adventuring party: Sharwyn Treestride, an elf ranger, and Ersky Timbers, a gnome fighter. The other supplicant was a large human named Adrak d’Meridan, a paladin of Eidar until his disgraceful capture by Belak and forced servitude to the Gulthias Tree.

After fighting Belak’s guardians for a short time, Aethyr shot an arrow at Belak, interrupting his ritual. Belak levitated up into the branches of the tree where he hurled acid arrows at the party while they struggled with Belak’s guardians on the ground. The party knocked Sharwyn and Ersky unconscious as Belak moved to finish his ritual. A terrible noise filled the cavern as Belak finished the ritual which drained the power of the Gulthias Tree and funneled it into Belak. The twig blights suddenly shook, and then moved to protect the tree by attacking Belak.

Belak shot beams of fire at the tree, burning and killing it, before returning his attention to the party. With new strength, Belak rained acid and hellfire on the party until they were able to knock him from the tree, where he fell to his death.

After the battle, the party tied up the unconscious Gulthias supplicants and made camp at the base of the tree. The party set fire to the remains of the Gulthias Tree, but the flames were extinguished by the druid who knew that the tree was made of valuable darkwood.



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