God of Justice, Discipline, Obedience, and Fatherhood

Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Dispassionate and analytical, Tvek tries to see all aspects of a situation before making a decision to act. Once he has made an informed decision, he stands by it. He is usually depicted as a tall, gaunt man with stern eyes. He represents the necessity for laws, the need to punish those who break them, and the benefits of a lawful society. He dislikes chaotic beings and has been known to personally hunt powerful demons.

Tvek and his followers fight against corruption, lawlessness, and impurity. Tvek is surpassed only by Eidar in the desire to root out and destroy evil. Both Tvek and Eidar are dedicated to destroying evil across the planes rather than focuses more directly on Haven. However, unlike Eidar who focuses on individual strength, Tvek seeks to ensure a lawful and proper society. Tvek and his followers believe that evildoers are beyond redemption and that the proper punishment for oathbreakers is death. Tvek’s church performs the majority of executions in the Covenant.

Tvek’s church has a rigid heirarcy based on a complex system which evaluates power, service to the temple, and knowledge of church doctrine and local laws. Clerics of Tvek act as magistrates, judges, teachers, police, and lawyers. In Dalton, clerics of Tvek keep records and ensure that members of the City Watch are acting in accordance with the laws.

Tvek’s clerics pray for spells at dawn. The first of each months is a holy day for the faith, representing a time of beginning when orderly resolutions can be made. The church also has numerous holy days commemorating the creation of enactment of important laws. Tvek’s clerics favor the colors silver and blue.

Dogma: The world operates according to laws, and the people of the world have it in their best interest to establish and follow a code of laws so as to be in harmony with the lawful nature of the universe. Laws are created to benefit the group, but should not exploit the individual for the sake of the group. Study the laws so you may make rational and informed decisions. When you must punish a lawbreaker, be swift and precise.

Critics say that Tvek’s church is mired in bureaucracy and intolerance of others, especially of the chaotic-leaning elves and gnomes.

Supporters argue that it is the most efficiently run of the churchlands, and the most powerful force in defense of the Covenant.


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