The Legend of Ys

The city of Ys was first built in ancient times bordering the Bay of Jinns. After the Sundering, the sea level rose to the point that Ys was under it at each high tide. To protect Ys from inundation, the sorcerors and artisans built a dike with a gate that was opened for ships during low tide. The bronze gates of Ys still stand as one of humankind’s largest constructions.

One day nearly 15 years ago, a group of knights dressed in red came to Ys with a warning. Almerra the Seer had foretold the fall of Ys: the forces of evil would open the gates at high tide and flood the city. At the Duke’s request, the knights guarded the gate for seven weeks. The seventh week, a storm broke out in the middle of the night and the waves could be heard smashing against the gate and the bronze walls. The Duke said to the knights: “Let the storm rage. The gates of the city are strong.” The knights laughed and slew him in the name of Veran, the Unraveller. As they opened the gates, a wave as high as a mountain collapsed on Ys.

It is said that the bells of the churches of Ys can still be heard in the sea calm.

The Fall of Ys acted as a catalyst for change in the human lands. The church has greater power, the people are fearful and the law has strengthened its grip on society. Many things are done “For Ys” – a common battle cry these days.

The Legend of Ys

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