The Covenant

The Covenant, the largest modern civilization on Haven, is a large group of islands under the rule of the High King.

All people of the Covenant take an oath to serve the powers of good (the Young Gods) – some take the oath officially, but most are born into it. Oathbreakers are punished severely, often by death, although exact punishment is determined by the controlling church.

While, as the clergy would insist, the Covenant is fiercely dedicated to good, an appraising eye will find folks of all sorts in the Covenant. Since the Fall of Ys, the church has grown more powerful as they have gained support for their hard line against evil.

The land of the Inner Covenant, called the Churchlands, is owned and operated by the various churches of the Young Gods. The city of Dalton, at the heart of the Churchlands, is directly under control of the High King.

The Outer Covenant consists of mostly-independent nations who have sworn their allegiance to the High King, although their dedication to his causes is sometimes questioned. Many loyalists turn their nose up at members of the Outer Covenant, who often put their own interests ahead of church and King.

The Covenant

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