The Bael Veran

The Dark God’s army tore through the southern Elven lands, leaving the blood of thousands and the ruins of many great cities in their wake. Even the Elven Gods were no match for the son of Daena. Their destruction did little more than slow Veran’s advance, but that was enough. The newly ascended Young Gods directed the fortification of the northern lands.

The sky groaned as the forces of evil made landfall, and the warriors of the Covenant unleashed all of their force against the invading horde. The dead littered the beaches, but the invaders’ numbers were almost limitless, and soon it was clear that the masses could not be stopped, even with the help of the Young Gods. As the invaders pushed inward, Veran crafted a great throne from the earth, as large as a mountain, declared himself King and God of all Laharn, and waited for the Young Gods to confront him.

Only Shen approached the Dark God, wielding the Shard of Mirdin, the Godslayer sword, challenging Veran to single combat. Laughing, the Dark God attacked without hesitation. All of Shen’s might was only a shadow of Veran’s, and the fight lasted only as long as Veran wished it to. Veran disarmed Shen when he grew tired of the fight. The sword burned Veran as he touched it, melting the flesh of his hand to the hilt. The people watched as Veran destroyed their God and leader in one swing. Throwing the sword to the earth, Veran laughed once more, glowing in his exultation of victory, unaware of the young man who ran to his dead brother’s side, grabbed the discarded Shard of Mirdin, and stabbed it into the heart of the Dark God.

And so the boy Brand, brother of the slain God Shen, defeated the greatest evil Haven has ever known, surrounded by the corpses of thousands as was foretold. He was crowned High King of the new Covenant, harbinger of death, thief of the great artifact and slayer of evil.

The Bael Veran

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