When Haven was new, Daena gave the seed of sorcery to every survivor, and their descendents continued to be blessed by her gift. The seed of sorcery allows a mortal to control arcane power, as well as preventing them from aging after the seed is awakened – usually in early adulthood, but sometimes the power came much later in life, or even more rarely, much earlier.

In time, more and more children came to be born without the seed, and even fewer of their children carried it. Eventually, most sorcerers were hundreds of years old, often the leaders and elders of a village, but each village had at least a handful, and magic was still woven into the fabric of society. As the numbers of sorcerers continued to dwindle, the people began to fear that magic would fade from mortals altogether. For hundreds of years, people had been seeking to understand sorcery and learn to give the seed to someone born without it, but their experiments took on a new urgency. The recordbooks are littered with bizarre experiments and crazy ideas, and from this madness came a new art: wizardry.

Unlike sorcery, which came naturally and required no teaching, wizardry was extremely complex and took a lifetime to master. Schools dotted the land, and within a century wizards had overtaken sorcerers in number.

In modern times, it is rare for a sorcerer to be born in the Covenant, and even rarer for the seed to be born into someone with the mind and will to control it. In the Inner Covenant, sorcery is widely feared, but many are in awe of sorcerers, viewing it as a gift from the Gods. Others see it as wild magic, heresy in a time when more refined methods exist, methods that are more in line with the values of the church. The sorcerers who live in the Covenant often carry a spellbook for political reasons.

Magic in its natural form, called wild magic, is a force for pure chaos. Souls have the unique ability to absorb wild magic over time. This internal power, shaped and purified by a deity, is what powers divine spellcasters.

Sorcerers cast spells by taping this internal wild magic, using unpurified power shaped by their own minds. Some would say that sorcerers stand in as their own deity, and that the power they wield is dangerous.

Wizards filter their magic through the mechanics of the spells, standing on the shoulders of those who spent centuries in study. While Wizards still wield impure power, at least they take care to control it (most of the time).


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