Paladin of the Covenant

Domains: Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Sun, Travel

Symbol: The outstretched palm

Shen, the god who sacrificed himself to destroy the Dark God in the Bael Veran, is deceased, but his church still functions and holds a fair amount of power. As the former leader of the Young Gods and the man who lead them to accession, Shen is revered and respected in all churches.

Wise and caring, Shen is a kind god who encourages people to be true to themselves and others in order to create a better world for everyone. Of all the lawful deities, Shen cares the least about structure and instead focuses on benevolence. He believes in taking an active role against the evil in Haven. His clerics make it their life’s work to better the world of Haven, leaving concerns about the Great Battle to the afterlife.

Worship of Shen is most prevalent in the Churchlands, although Shen is known in many parts of the world. The center of the church is in Salkira, the capital of Shen’s lands. A contingent of missionaries called the Shenandra is known for their work outside of the covenant.

After Shen’s defeat in the Bael Veran, his remains could not be found, and so it was not possible to resurrect him. His clerics interpreted this to mean that he chose to move on to the Great Battle, trusting his people to continue on without him.

Dogma: Strive to use truth and honor as your shield. If your honor is infallible and your heart is true, you will prevail against all adversity. The light of goodness inspires all greatness and glory. Be calm and uncompromising in the face of great trials, for the righteous hand will shape the world until all evil is banished and good prevails.


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