The Brainchild of Radek and other similarily minded thieves merchants, some would say that Mishara is little more than a monopoly turned into a poor excuse for a nation. Others hail Mishara’s success and eagerly buy their goods and services, the best in the Covenant!

Built on a set of foreboding, barren islands, Mishara began its history as place to go only when there was no other choice, a home for outcasts and crooks. The situation quickly improved under the direction of Radek, who bought raw resources (primarily shipbuilding wood) and hired displaced Misharan artisans to produce high quality ships and other goods. Misharan ships quickly gained a reputation for quality, and soon shipbuilders were flocking to Mishara, the mecca of their trade. It quickly followed that Mishara had a monopoly on well-built ships, a necessity in the islands of the Covenant.

The capitol of Mishara, Reza, is a large city-island with few natural resources and terrible farmland. The peasantry is typically employed as mercenaries or “law enforcement officers”. Reza has few written laws, instead relying on a code of conduct enforced by the populace. Each merchant coming to Reza must pay a “tax” by hiring local mercenaries. Merchants who fail to hire mercenaries are targeted by “law enforcement officers” who confiscate their goods. To an outsider, it would appear that Mishara has a problem with bandits, but Misharans steadfastly disagree. Their peasantry is the richest in the Covenant.

All citizens adhere to the Misharan code, which discourages violence (dead merchants do not bring much more wealth to the islands). Bandits may not rob peasants or noblemen in high standing, but merchants and noble houses in poor standing are fair targets. As such, political drama is often subdued in Mishara. Squabbling, petty nobles must spend a lot of gold to hire bodyguards to protect their ever-dwindling fortunes. Established noble houses prefer to stay quiet to avoid getting on the populace’s bad side, relying heavily on their Beh’din for day-to-day tasks.

Despite the eccentricities of the Misharan economic system, it has lead to a stable, profitable venture. While everyone owns a dagger or four, Mishara is largely a peaceful society and one of the safest nations – as long as you are willing to pay your taxes.

Most Misharans will leave the islands at some point to seek their own fortunes, and it is seeped deeply in their culture and religion (most Misharans follow Radek) to pass any helpful information to the Misharan Patrician. The intelligence gathering skills of Mishara are unmatched. If you seek information, a Misharan is sure to have it, or be able to tell you who does.

Mishara has centuries-old feud with Phendrana, one of the poorest nations of the Covenant. Most shipbuilding wood comes from Phendrana, yet Phendrens lack the skills to work it properly, and those Phendrens who learn the ways of shipbuilding are often bought out and brought to Mishara to prevent competition. Phendrana can do little except for stand in Mishara’s way as often as possible.


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