The Porcelain Dreamer, Goddess of Healing and Humility

Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Repose

Favored Weapon: Longbow

A humble and kind deity, Kass is dedicated to protecting the common people above all else. Invoked as the protector of the weak and helpless, Kass is often asked to bless marriages, childbirth, and other personal events. Kass and her followers prefer to avoid violence and bloodshed, and many are pacifists. Followers of Kass strive for individual purity, and they emphasize choice – a person much choose purity and righteousness, not have goodness imposed upon them, to be truly good. Fake purity is worse than impurity, because impurity is honest and can be improved. Few evildoers are beyond retribution.

Dogma: True wisdom cannot be attained without first recognizing your own weakness and frailties, and then embracing service to others who are weak. Those who delude themselves into thinking that they are not weak will fall victim to their own hubris. All mortals are weak, fragile creatures, and all mortals will be in need of protection at some point. Be prepared to embrace your own weakness and use your knowledge of it to your advantage. Porcelain, though seemingly fragile, is incredibly strong when it is pure.

Kass and Eidar are often at odds, and many object to the passivity of Kass’ followers, but Kass is quite popular. Surprisingly, Kass’ church is quickly gaining popularity in Anselm, where the women are relying on their feminine weakness as empowerment in a society built around masculine strength.


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