Gods Saints and Spirits

On the world of Haven, there are many great powers, but few are called gods. Those who hold divine power but lack everything required to be a god are called spirits. Many spirits wax and wane in the stream of time, bound to other forces, some without wills of their own. Entities of mystery and wild magic, many consider spirits to be dangerous, unknowable and uncontrollable.

Some righteous mortals become a special kind of spirit called a Saint. Unable to complete their tasks in life, they continue their good works in Haven after death – either through their own power or sheer determination. Saints are often revered as protectors of the people and servants of good, but saints have little power.

The Young Gods

  • Eidar (LG) – God of Strength, Heroism, and Chivalry
  • Mavi (NG)
  • Kass (NG) – The Porcelain Dreamer
  • Radek (CG) – The Merchant Prince
  • Fex (NG) – The Scholar
  • Tvek (LN) – God of Justice, Order, and Discipline
  • Shen (LG) – Guardian of the Covenant

The Old Gods



Gods Saints and Spirits

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