God of Strength, Heroism and Chivalry

Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, Repose, Strength, Sun, War

Eidar values strength, talent, and bravery. Eidar is sometimes pictured as a bear, but more often is shown as human riding a massive warhorse and wielding a sword and spear.

According to Eidar, People fall into two categories: the strong, and the weak. Improve yourself so you can protect the weak. Do not complain. The weak should accept their position with grace, and support and serve those who protect them. Honor and ambition are important. Never turn down a challenge.

Paladins, Fighters, and Barbarians often follow Eidar – Bards are highly valued in Anselm because they record the acts of heroes, although they are rarely idolized as powerful paladins and fighters are. Followers of Eidar who are too weak to become warriors are often encouraged to become bards.

Eidar’s following has two main branches, each lead by an Avatar of Eidar. Davor, the Bear Warrior, leads those who seek strength and self-improvement. Avatar Orick leads the nations of Anselm and his followers dedicate themselves to following the laws of chivalry.

Davor’s following emphasizes strength, hard work, and the idea that the world of Haven is only a training ground for the great battle that waits in the next life. Each is responsible for his own actions, and a true warrior must take the initiative to seek out a challenge. Davor’s warriors often travel the world, seeking out great masters and to learn other fighting styles. The hierarchy of Davor’s branch is chosen by reputation and competition, although the prizes are more often pride and honor than material goods. Titles are granted as a sign of true mastery of the ways of Davor. A famous follower of Davor is Revor, the Iron Shield.

Avatar Orick’s code of honor is considered sacred in Anselm, and those who enter Anselm betray it at their peril. Orick emphasizes the difference between the strong and the weak, the Champions and the Protected. All women, children, and elderly are assumed to be in need of protection, while adult men are assumed to be their champions, but Orick values skill and will allow any who are able to prove themselves to be a Champion. Each person of the weaker caste has at least one Champion, often a brother, cousin, neighbor or suitor. Each man (or Champion) acts to protect many of the weak, taking a vow to defend their honor and livlihood. The Protected are expected to support their champions if they are called to do so.

Major conflicts in Anselm are solved by duel or tournament, a practice which serves to better hone the skills of the combatants while serving as a sort of democratic legal system. Those who have been greatly wronged will find many honorable warriors seeking them out to act as their Champion.

Blessed be the time when the gods call out
Another auspicious name,
Glorious be the death that rests upon
His heart to cease the pain;
Praised be the blade that dared to take
Away a life so brave,
Deep be the sea that writhes above
And serves to him as grave;
Unstirred be the dreamless slumber
Of us in battle slain,
Soon come the day when we awake
And rise to fight again!

- The inscription on the Monument to Warriors in Dalton


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