Controversy in the Church

While the Churches of the Young Gods present a unified front, their philosophies and policies differ.

The following are typical stances taken by clergy of the various gods:

On the Great Battle:

  • Eidar: The purpose of mortal life is to prepare ourselves for the Great Battle.
  • Kass: We should assist in the Great Battle as possible, but we must first take care of our own people.
  • Mavi: Our primary goal should be to prepare for the Great Battle. Most progress helps both the people and our preparations for the Battle.
  • Radek: We should assist in the Battle as possible, but not to our detriment.
  • Fex: Little is known about the Great Battle. We must learn more.
  • Shen: We must win the fight in Haven before we concern ourselves with the fights of the Gods.

How to deal with oathbreakers:

  • Eidar: Kill them. It is better to send evildoers to the Great Battle before they acquire more power.
  • Kass: We should rehabilitate them. This is the most effective way to bolster the forces of good.
  • Mavi: Jail them or kill them. Oathbreakers cannot be trusted and the risk of false rehabilitation is too great.
  • Radek, Fex, and Shen: Rehabilitate them, jail them, or kill them, depending on the circumstances.

On the Outer Regions (areas not controlled by the Covenant):

  • Eidar: The Outer Regions do not concern us. We shall conquer their evil masters in the Great Battle and that shall be the end of them.
  • Kass, Mavi, and Fex: The Outer Regions are dangerous, soaked in the scent of evil. We should avoid them so that their poison does not corrupt the Covenant.
  • Radek: The Outer Regions contain valuable land and resources that we can leverage to our benefit.
  • Shen: The Outer Regions are powerful and conquering them would spread our resources too thin. We must save our strength to fight Veran’s forces when he inevitably returns.

Controversy in the Church

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