Haven's Edge

To Dalton

Session 4

The party returned to Jevin and Senna to discover that Senna had once again fallen under the curse of the Gulthias Tree. Jevin was unable to restore Senna’s sanity more than once (Mik suspected that Jevin had used his only prepared Remove Curse earlier). Jevin told the party that the Dowager Countess Greenwood owned a chest filled with scrolls and spellbooks. If they could retrieve a scroll of Remove Curse, they would be able to speak with Senna.

The party met with the Dowager Countess, convincing her to give the party the scroll that they required, provided that one of the party members used the scroll and not Jevin. The Dowager Countess made it clear that she did not trust Jevin, especially around magic.

Back at the cottage, the party successfully used the scroll and were able to ask Senna some questions about Belak and the location of the Citadel. They showed her the device, and she was able to deactivate it by removing the orichalcum crystal in the center. Senna also explained that the device was dangerous because it had been used to warp and twist arcane energy. Belak had used the device to “break people.”

At this point, the paladin used detect evil to investigate the nature of the deactivated device. The device was not evil, but he discovered spots of glowing evil on Jevin’s bandaged arms. Nearly coming to blows, Jevin was able to calm the situation down before explaining himself. Jevin told how, long ago, he been apprenticed to a servant of the evil goddess Gennaia. He later entered her service in order to learn more about orichalcum. He returned to the lands of the Covenant with the products of his research, where he was put to trial. Tvek sought to kill him for consorting with evil. Kass sought to forgive him, considering the usefulness of the information he brought with him. In the end, Jevin was imprisoned on his mother’s land, under the supervision of the church of Tvek.

The party decided to travel to Dalton to seek the assistance of the church of Eidar before continuing on to the Citadel.

On the road, they encountered a group of Dwarves fighting a large number of goblins. 18 goblins laid dead at the dwarves’ feet, but 16 goblins still lived and the dwarves’ strength was waning. The party came to their assistance, slaying the remainder of the goblins.

The Dwarves, of Clan Durbek, were led by a dwarf named Brennor. They had been sent from Poplar Falls as messengers to Dalton. An army of goblins had attacked Poplar Falls. As the town was about to fall, the goblins suddenly halted their attack and started to march in the direction of Windenford. (The party noted that the goblin attack occurred at nearly the same time that the wererats discovered Belak’s device in the party’s possession in Windenford. It is likely that the goblins were somehow notified that the device was not at Poplar Falls). Durbek clan has moved down from the mountains and have fortified Poplar Falls. They have also sent out hunting parties to kill goblins. Using the information from the Durbek clan, the party estimates that 450 goblins have been killed so far.

Outside of Dalton, the party encounters two merchant caravans, one with a broken axle. The merchants are moving their goods from the broken cart onto the other. They offer to sell the party goods at a discount. Aethyr buys a glowing bit of ore, and Mik buys a large supply of enchanted candy that makes the consumer vomit magical sparks. Aethyr later discovers that he was conned – the “magical” ore was simply enchanted iron.

After meeting a corrupt city guard, the party travels to the church of Eidar to ask their assistance. The head priest tells them that few warriors of Eidar are available right now. Between the goblin attacks and the sudden increase in crime, most warriors are already tasked with some quest. He promises to find what help is still available and gives the party a few potions and his blessings.

The party travels to a tavern to rest, where they see a group of locals betting on a game called Knivesies. In this game, two challengers climb on a table. Players bet by tossing gold coins on the table and standing behind their chosen champion. The challengers have one hand tied to the other’s hand, and must either knock their opponent off the table or gather the most coins to win. The party bets a time or two before Brogan the dwarven fighter challenges the resident champion, besting him easily. Next the paladin Trent challenges the dwarf. After a long and hard-fought battle, the dwarf nearly knocks the paladin off the table. Hanging off the table by his arms, the paladin pulls the dwarf down using their attached arms, and, using his greater dexterity, leaps out of the way, causing the dwarf to hit the ground first. The paladin wins!



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