Haven's Edge

The Gulthias Tree

Session 2, 380 exp

After clearing out the mines, the PCs introduced themselves as Aethyr Ignigious, an Elf Wizard; Mik Sixeyes, a human “wizard” who hails from Phendrana; Brogan Stormfist, dwarven fighter from a clan in Eridu; Trent Duranin, paladin of Eidar; Gimik, river gnome bard; and Tsadok, half-orc druid of Mornir.

Luna and Elaura both made offers to the party. Luna offered to introduce the party to a friend of hers skilled in alchemy and healing, Jevin. Jevin might be able to help the Nesshin Senna, who is catatonic and unresponsive. Jevin lives outside of nearby Windenford. Elaura offered the assistance of her guild, the Earthmovers guild, which is based in Dalton.

The party escorted the injured back to Poplar Falls, where the tavern keeper offered them free boarding for their efforts in rescuing the miners.

Day 2

The party set out in the morning with Luna and Senna, heading toward Windenford.

Elaura and the injured miners agreed to wait in Poplar Falls for the next barge to transport them to Windenford sometime the next day.

The party encountered a small group of goblins en route, defeating it and capturing the leader for questioning. The goblins had attacked a farmstead and burned it to the ground. The captured goblin, Gorm, fell under the sway of Mik’s spell, and began speaking of his mission. Gorm and his group came from a place he called “the Citadel” which is somewhere in the nearby Deadwood. Many groups of goblins were sent from the Citadel by a man named Belak to recover a stolen device. Belak and the goblins serve a master known as the Gulthias Tree. Gorm recognized Senna and told the party that Senna came to the Citadel with Belak some years ago.

The party slew the goblin and continued on to Windenford, stopping to speak to Jevin. Jevin is a scholarly looking half-elf who lives at the estate of Dowager Countess Greenwood in a small cottage on the edge of her land. The party discerned that there was something odd between Jevin and his mother, the Dowager Countess. Jevin examined the nesshin Senna and determined that she was under possesion from some sort of spirit. The party told Jevin what they had learned of the Gulthias Tree, and Jevin surmised that the Gulthias Tree must be a spirit of some sort, and Senna’s condition was a result of betraying the tree.



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