Haven's Edge

First Play Session - The Stonecutter Mine

535 exp

The news flooded into the trading village of Poplar Falls: disaster at the nearby mines. Several brave folks went to assist, including our PCs (who have yet to properly introduce themselves) and Luna, cleric of Kass (NPC).

The party learned that the mine had been attacked by a large number of twig blights. A Thoqqua had also caused the collapse of several tunnels, and many miners were killed before they could escape from the dual threats of the mine collapse and the monsters.

The party defeated a number of monsters, including an earth elemental and many twig blights. Hiding underneath an overturned mining cart were two women, one human woman named Elaura who identified herself as an apprentice earthmover, and an elderly Nesshin named Senna. Senna was conscious but unresponsive.

Elaura explained that, earlier that day, she and the chief Earthmover had discovered a large natural cavern while expanding the mines. A party of 25 went to investigate the caverns. They followed the tunnels for some distance, where they discovered an elderly Nesshin (Senna), who told them to run, and fled with them. As they escaped, the Nesshin explained that the device she held was dangerous, and that her pursuers must not have it. A horde of twig blights chased them through the tunnels, and when the Chief Earthmover realized that they would be overcome, he collapsed the tunnel behind the escapees. A number of blights pushed their way through before the collapse, attacking the party. Elaura grabbed Senna and hid underneath the mining cart.



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