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The Story of Haven

The war between Good and Evil was destroying the material plane – of the hundreds of nations, only a few thousand survivors remained. They watched the world around them crumble, knowing that mortals could no longer survive in a world overcome by the cataclysmic forces of the gods. As they awaited their end, the Goddess Daena offered them a refuge, and the mortals took to their new home eagerly.

For thousands of years, the mortal races spread across the untamed world of Haven, finding new allies and enemies but prospering despite the challenges. And then war – thousands upon thousands of warriors led by the God Veran, a force more powerful than Haven had seen since its creation, seeking to overtake all civilizations that would not bow before Veran’s might. The enemies of Veran banded together in a covenant of resistance, lead by a party of newly ascended Gods dedicated to destroying evil and returning peace to Haven. Veran was vanquished, but the Young Gods warned that the forces of evil would return, so the people of the Covenant would always need to be vigilant.

Haven's Edge